You've worked hard all your life, made some solid financial decisions, and have built up a fairly sizeable estate. You take comfort in the fact that after you're gone, your family will live comfortably and maybe even extend some of your wealth to your favorite charitable organizations - all because of the assets that you've accumulated.

Now imagine a sizeable portion of that estate going to the Federal government after you're gone.

If you own a business, you also need to consider what could happen to it when you're no longer around. Life insurance can be used to accomplish a number of planning objectives, such as estate equalization. In any event, it's time to ensure that the things you've spent your life building are passed along to the right people by developing a comprehensive estate plan*. Learn how Allied Roth can be part of that plan.

*Allied Roth advises you to contact your lawyer, accountant, or tax advisor for a thorough analysis of your estate planning needs.